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Protect Our Athletes

domeA huge space to practice is very essential to field players. Particularly to those athletes that will participate in a real competition that represent their country. There are disadvantages for soccer, tennis, football and other field players to practice outdoor. It may come to time, during preparation for the big event especially tournaments an expected circumstances occur like having a bad weather, the players might be forced to stop training. It is a big interruption and might cause defeat for the team for not having enough training.

One thing that can resolve the issue is to have an indoor training. The players cannot miss a single training even there will be a bad weather going on outside of the area. It allows all the athlete to concentrate in improving their abilities without the interferences of outside environment. It will no longer affect all the players during their serious practice even its too cold outside, raining and more.

Indoor training must be perfect for training. It should have a cover which is important for players practicing and improving their skills. A dome for soccer playing indoors is one fantastic way to keep them practicing. Mostly people enjoy watching a soccer game but does it enjoyable to see the hardship each of soccer players endure during sudden rainfalls? It looks more challenging but the athletes are humans too. They don’t have time to be sick. They need to practice a lot and do their very best during tournaments.

Athletes should be taken care of. They need a special training space to do their thing. An air structures are the perfect fit for many applications, including soccer and other field sports, tennis, golf, swimming pools, and multi-sport facilities. The cost of indoor dome for soccer depends on the size and the design of it. But still, the quality and price are reasonable.

Real World Food Allergy

Food allergy symptoms can be fairly uncommon. You might not believe this, however, only 1 out of 70 adults experience real food allergies. Because of the similarities in symptoms, Food poisoning or even food intolerance is in some cases mistaken for a food allergy. You should learn to decipher exactly what a timeless food allergy is if you are not sure if you are allergic to a particular food.

Primarily influencing youngsters, food allergy is a disease where the body’s immune system safeguards itself from an element that it considers to be hazardous. The allergy experienced is the sign that the body is trying to overcome the allergy-causing compound. Physicians typically run test to determine and verify your food allergies. They may even ask you questions concerning your household’s general health because food allergy is believed to be partly hereditary. If your doctor finds a history of eczema, hay fever or asthma, then you have a higher threat of having a food allergy.

But, What About…

A real allergy generally starts with swelling and itching in the tongue, mouth and throat. Other food allergy symptoms include skin reactions, vomiting, looseness of the bowels, coughing, wheezing, runny nose and sore, red and itchy eyes. An allergy might start the minute you ingest the food you dislike. The symptoms, however, could take longer to develop, in some cases even numerous hours. An anaphylactic shock is the worst possible allergy. It might cause serious swelling, unconsciousness, decreasing of the blood pressure and breathing difficulties. If not offered correct medical attention, it might possibly lead to death. As you can see, it’s essential to deal with food allergy symptoms right away.

Foods that cause allergy include peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts and fish. Some youngsters establish allergies to cow’s milk, soy, eggs, wheat and seafood. You might also have a reaction to other allergy-causing food if you have an allergy to a particular food. This is called cross-reactivity. Your dietician and doctor might help you recognize which foods to avoid and prevent allergic reactions.

You must consult a physician specializing on allergies if you are still not sure if you have a food allergy. You would be asked concerns pertaining to the symptoms you experience after eating a certain food, quantity of the particular food you ate, preparation and storage of the food, medication you took to ease the symptoms and effectiveness of the medication. All these can assist detect your food allergy.

It is essential that you see a food allergy professional. You should never, under any circumstances, try to identify the food you are allergic to by yourself. You must keep in mind that allergies can be serious and you might be putting yourself in a really harmful situation. Your body can respond in bad ways if you’re allergic to something and you tamper with it.

Following the medication, you likewise need to be very cautious about exactly what you eat. You need to never ever gamble with the food you are allergic to. Bear in mind, your body may only reveal mild reactions to the food you are allergic to, but it also can cause an extremely extreme condition such as a failure of organs, unconsciousness or death.

Skin prick tests often make use of to identify a food allergy. A percentage of food extract is injected on the skin surface. An allergy to that food extract will certainly result in swelling and soreness of the injection website. Occasionally, an incorrect positive reaction is observed from a skin prick test. It would be a good idea to carry out other tests, like a blood test for instance, to verify food allergy and full medical diagnosis.

Updates On Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is categorized under the group of autism-spectrum disorders. It is a pervasive developmental condition that generally impacts school-age children. It is identified by damaged social abilities and social awkwardness. This disorder is named after Hans Asperger, an Austrian pediatrician. He initially described this disorder as ‘autistic psychopathy’, in 1944. People with this syndrome have normal intelligence and language development. They have problems in social interaction, social communication, and social creativity. They may have certain going along with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or other mental disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

Asperger syndrome is a neurological condition that influences the social abilities of a child. Numerous children are detected with it after the age of 3 years. It is found in between the age of 5-9 years. Children are more likely to establish this disorder than girls. The specific causes are not yet known; nevertheless, study is being performed to determine the possible causes and reasons so that proper treatment strategy can be chosen. Certain physiological, mental, and sociological factors are expected to be liable for the development of this condition. According to some researchers, Asperger syndrome is related to genetics. The family members of a youngster with this syndrome may have comparable difficulties. A specific gene is not yet recognized, there are multiple-genetic factors thought to play a role in establishing this condition. A recent study shows that there could be a common group of genes whose removals or variations can make a person more vulnerable to develop this syndrome.

Another possible cause is an alteration in the brain structure due to certain abnormal changes in embryonic cells. A combination of environmental and genetic factors are also liable for changes in the brain anatomy. Researchers have disclosed structural and functional differences, in specific areas of the brain of the affected individuals, with the help of sophisticated brain-imaging methods. These flaws are considered to be triggered by an abnormal migration of beginning cells during the fetal development. This affects the brain structure and neural circuits, which are known for managing behavior and thoughts. These changes can show the signs of Asperger syndrome.

Going Forward: Asperger Syndrome

According to some researchers, the syndrome may be associated with some other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression. One research study has actually reported a reduction in the brain activity in the frontal lobe of the affected children’s brain when they were asked to perform a job utilizing their judgment. Various research studies have been carried out to investigate the brain function in grownups with this condition. These research studies disclose abnormal levels of proteins that are associated with repetitive and obsessive habits.

A study is being conducted to determine the reasons for this developmental disorder. It is believed that people with a family history of bipolar disorder could develop this condition. In rare cases, damage to the brain tissues during or after childbirth or structural problems in the brain might be accountable for triggering this condition. They should speak with a professional doctor and a psychologist if moms and dads feel that their youngster is dealing with difficulties in communicating with other children and is showing symptoms related to this condition. These individuals will certainly attempt to examine your youngster’s behavior and interaction skills.

Children with Asperger syndrome have the tendency to show uncommon nonverbal interaction, such as a couple of facial expressions, absence of eye contact, or awkward body gestures or postures. They have the tendency to speak unusually quickly in a rigid, tedious voice. The affected children may gain from social-skills training, supportive psychotherapy, language treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral and academic support.

Display of abnormal non-verbal communication, including deficient facial expressions, furtive or absent eye contact, and unusual gestures and body postures.

This Buzzle post is for informational functions just, and should not be made use of as a replacement for professional clinical advice.

Emotionally Focused Therapy – Some Background

Everybody encounters major problems from time to time, and minor problems turn up practically all the time. It is always stated that there is a lot to live for: locations to go to, people to satisfy, food to eat, and things to do. Everyone has dreams that he wants to satisfy. A lot of individuals have constantly stated that they will live their lives to the fullest. They state they will attempt new things and acquire a lot of experience.

How Would You Have Known?

In spite of all the grand hopes and dreams, not everyone gets to do what they actually want. There are always some things that can hinder a person. Lots of people are afraid to take possibilities, afraid to take risks. Fear and uncertainty is what avoid some individuals from moving forward. Naturally, there are also people who have difficulty in choosing. Individuals sometimes make bad decisions, or occasionally they cannot decide at all.

Feeling is generally a huge aspect impacting a person’s decisions, actions and ideas. When a person is experiencing some psychological turmoil, everything around him is impacted, including his judgement. When they have to make some vital decisions, this can be why people are constantly advised to separate themselves from their emotions. Emotions can likewise have a big effect on one’s physiological health. Unfavorable emotions can contribute to anxiety, and bring about ailments.

Even as you have not always felt the way you do today, you will feel in a different way once more later on. It is very important to remind yourself that your emotion will pass. It might also help to observe that you are experiencing the feeling, rather than that you are the feeling.

It is great if people are taught psychological freedom techniques. This technique is a form of alternative therapy. It draws from some concepts of alternative medicine, like acupuncture for example. Lots of people get this form of therapy since it is thought about safe, and it provides numerous advantages.

One advantage of the emotional freedom technique is that it can be made use of for a lot of conditions, like weight reduction and eating conditions, as an example.

When it pertains to weight problems, a great deal of individuals is extremely emotional about it. It’s not just affects their physiological health, however, it also has an influence on their self-confidence. With psychological freedom techniques, a person can decrease, or even remove, his food cravings. This can considerably help him slim down, since the weight-related depression can also be reduced.

The psychological freedom technique also makes use of for other conditions such as discomfort management, phobias, obsessive uncontrollable conditions, as well as relationship issues. With this form of therapy, a person not only starts to recover his emotional marks; he can also avoid physiological conditions. With psychological freedom techniques, he can be healthier and happier.

Spotlight On Transference

In a recent problem of the Harvard Business Testimonial, a short article attended to the topic of Emotional Transference in boss-employee relationships. While that post addressed it mainly from the manager’s perspective, I want to have a look at this important issue from the staff member and job candidate’s point of view.

Emotional Transference is a concept, very first suggested by psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, that people transfer feelings, their understanding of other individuals in current relationships. According to the theory, this frequently happens in situations where the relationship structure is similar to a previous relationship, frequently to a relationship from early childhood such as with a mom or papa. Freud observed patients falling for him (their psychiatrist). Many researches have actually likewise revealed that transference takes place in boss-employee relationships. It’s simple to see how: a boss has some similar characteristics to a mom and dad, such as being a provider, point out errors, and giving benefits when achievements are made.

Tips and Tricks About Transference

When you have a weak sense of self you feel insecure when you experience criticism, distress, or stress and anxiety relating to another’s mood, what this suggests to you is. And you feel insecure because you’re not able to safeguard yourself from the transference (remember, transference is when, your needs and emotional past are triggered and show up in the here and now) and therefore you experience fear and anxiety (at the least) or are terrified by the (very genuine to your subconscious) possibility of abandonment, rejection & & loss of relationship due to the fact that any of these stand for death (once again, in your subconscious experience of relationship). Need or are hoping for from someone there is the capacity for this vibrant to happen Whenever there’s something you want.

Responding emotionally to scenarios where you need to respond based on business conditions. If a boss criticizes your work in a method that reminds you of something a mom and dad did that you didn’t such as, you might have an emotional reaction that is more about your sensations for your parent than a response based on the business situation at hand.

And Now For The Best Of Transference

Lots of bosses are good people, it is crucial to acknowledge that their main concern is making cash for the company and they will not look out for you the same way your moms and dads would. Emotional transference is one factor people end up staying in tasks longer than is good for their profession. Do not anticipate your boss to inform you when you’ve grown out of a task and have to proceed for the good of your career.

Not only can it be damaging in the methods pointed out above at the time it occurs, however, it can trigger you to look for that exact same type of emotional ‘repair’ in future positions. If you interview with a company questioning if that company and/or that boss would enjoy you as your parents did, picture. Given, no person thinks this on a mindful level, but even if it is occurring unconsciously, it has the potential to make you truly nervous and be typically distracting.

Elements Of Wart

Flat warts (likewise known as adolescent warts) are more common in children and adolescents. There are a variety of different methods utilized to remove a flat wart. Like other warts, the human papilloma virus or HPV causes flat warts. This virus lives in warm and damp conditions and it is commonly discovered in public locker rooms and the surrounds of swimming pools.

Often, the virus is gotten from strolling barefoot in public swimming pools, showers or locker rooms, and this ought to be prevented if you wish to limit your direct exposure to the virus. The virus typically enters the body through little cuts or breaks in the skin.

The human papilloma virus is infectious and easily transmitted in between people. In some cases an individual can be a carrier of the virus for a number of months or years before a wart appears. The precise technique and timing of contracting the virus is difficult to determine exactly.

A Parade Of Wart Information

Warts, likewise called verruca, come from a virus called the human papilloma virus or the HPV. There are around 130 stress of the virus; and types 1, 2, and 3 are the usual causes of warts amongst humans.

Although flat warts posture very little health risk, they tend to increase and spread out in number. Early treatment is therefore advised.

As these warts typically appear on the face, hands, knees and arms, they could seriously undermine the confidence of the victim. In specific, children could become embarrassed by the reality that their peers see the warts and might not wish to blend with others, and might end up being withdrawn.

There are lots of options to eliminate a flat wart. Many of these are not really effective, and some of them you can leave a scar that is as ugly as the wart. Some treatments can assist to damage the wart, however, will not always stop warts repeating.

A choice to eliminate a wart surgery is young. There are three types of surgery frequently made use of to eliminate a wart; cryosurgery, electro surgery, and laser therapy.

Cryosurgery is a process where the wart is frozen using liquid nitrogen or dry ice. In electro surgery the wart is removed using a heated needle. Laser treatment involves utilizing a laser to burn off the wart.

All 3 of these medical treatments have serious disadvantages. An anesthetic is typically given to lower discomfort, but this procedure is normally quite unpleasant. Total removal of a wart could need a number of treatments over a variety of weeks and normally a scar stays after treatment.

The clinical treatment for getting rid of growths will typically consist of excision, laser, psychotherapy or cauterization treatment, which is typically avoided because of its high expenses. These treatments generally include particular procedures. The procedures are unique to the treatment in question.

There are numerous types of home solutions you can try to eliminate a wart. A few of these work better than others. Components that have actually constantly proved to be effective include castor oil, tea tree oil, aloe Vera, and garlic. Many over the counter items consist of a few of these. Just recently, brand-new dishes have actually appeared that use constituents extensively readily available in a lot of the homes of produce a mixture that is used to the wart. These are reported to be really effective and have the ability to eliminate a wart in simply a few days, and there is little or no scarring when the wart has been removed.

Things To Compare About West Nile Virus

According to a Houston Department of Health and Human Services, news release, the city has confirmed its very first human case of the West Nile virus in Houston, Texas, this year.

A 52-year-old lady, a resident of northeast Houston, developed symptoms associated with the West Nile virus. She was confessed into a local medical facility in late June. Although she was hospitalized almost a month back, her case of West Nile virus was not verified till just recently.

A Few Other Things

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services verified a total amount of 55 human cases and 4th deaths from the West Nile virus last year in the city of Houston and Harris County. There were 28 cases and no deaths in 2005. In 2004 there were 41 cases and 2 deaths from the virus.

Due to the very first human case being validated in Houston, the city and the Health Department are now encouraging and advising all Houston locals to take precautions against mosquitoes and the West Nile virus.

The West Nile virus can lead to light symptoms such as a fever, headaches, muscle aches, and rashes, it can likewise lead to serious and severe issues such as encephalitis, swelling of the brain, or meningitis, inflammation of the membrane around the brain. More severe symptoms can consist of high fevers, migraine-like headaches, stiff neck, come, disorientation, muscle shakes or spasms, and paralysis. Frequently symptoms will not appear for 3 to 14 days after being bitten.

Symptoms of these consist of severe headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremblings, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis.

Those who are at the highest risk of establishing severe infections include young children, the elderly, and those who have gotten current organ transplants.

Modification standing pools of water, such as bird baths, pool, and animal water bowls, often (a minimum of wine a day).

Report dead animals, especially birds, to the regional health department as they could need to be picked up for West Nile virus screening.

Instantly look for clinical attention if you or any individual else in your home is bitten by a mosquito and establish West Nile-like symptoms.

Womens Health Initiative – The Real Truth

In 2006, results from of the world largest low fat diet project were published (see reference at end). This was a US government-funded study of 48, 835 postmenopausal women in a multicenter prospective, randomized clinical trial known as the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial. The study was conducted from 1993 to 2005 at 40 centers around the country. The volunteers were arbitrarily assigned to either a low-fat diet group (19, 541 women) or a regular diet group (29, 294 women). This large and costly study didn’t find any important differences in breast cancer incidence between postmenopausal women who were invited to eat a low-fat diet and the people who continued to eat their regular diet after about eight years of follow-up. The results did suggest that changing to a low-fat diet may reduce the risk of breast cancer among women who had diets very high in fat to begin with, on the other hand.

Not many women met the 20% fat intake goal. This ‘low-fat diet’ regimen may not have truly been low in fat. Since most women didn’t meet the fat-reduction goal, this study may have proven only that the approach to the statement didn’t work. It didn’t demonstrate that a truly low-fat diet does not help protect you from breast cancer. Getting only 20 percent of your calories from fat is very hard to do. This means that, if you eat 2, 000 calories per day, only 400 calories could come from fat. So it is not surprising that less than a one-third share of the women met this goal after the initial year, and only 14% continued to meet the goal after six years. Because so few women met the needs of the study, it means that we do not really know how a diet low in fat affects breast cancer risk.


We are now learning that HRT isn’t always suitable for long-term use, as it increases risks of breast cancer, stroke and heart disease (Women’s Health Initiative-WHI study). New clinical guidance recommend that GPs offer HRT in only the worst cases and during a period of only five years. 4 out of 5 women find that HRT does not agree with them, even in the early days of use.

Diets were self-reported and infrequent. This may make them unreliable. This study relied on the women’s written reports of what they ate. This may not be an accurate reflection of true intake. These reports were done occasionally. No daily food log or journal was done and checked. Most of us are not proud to admit in an exclusive interview or questionnaire that we have broken the regulations and have not stuck to the ‘prescribed diet. ‘ So there may be a tendency to under-report the number of fat actually eaten.

Other changes besides the low-fat diet. The study didn’t separate out the impact of reducing the number of fat eaten vs. the effects of increasing fruit and vegetable servings. Women in the low-fat diet group ate almost two more servings per day of fruits and vegetables than females in the regular diet group and about one more serving of grains.

Two studies presented during the symposium on human health effects of fruits and vegetables found that the incorporation of vegetable juice in people’s diets was a successful strategy to help them reach the vegetable guidelines (at least 4 servings per day), for example.

Length of follow-up time. While 48, 835 women is a bunch of people, eight years is not a great deal of follow-up time. Eating a low-fat diet for 15 or 20 years may offer more significant benefits and show a stronger relationship between dietary fat and breast cancer risk.

Baseline body mass index. In this study, 74% of females were classified as overweight by body mass index in the early part of the study. So we do not really know if a low-fat diet would offer benefits to women who’re at a normal weight to begin with.

All the women were postmenopausal. It may be that dietary fat plays a greater role in the diets of younger, premenopausal women. It makes sense that your diet during the first 50 years of your life might affect your cancer risk in the latter half of your life. This study does not address that question.

Staying fit is important to your well being. Inactivity is one of those things that is becoming increasingly common in our society. Studies have shown that drinking excessive alcohol, bad eating habits, inactivity, and smoking will all contribute to taking years off of your life. Avoiding those four things makes for a good lifestyle, and a good lifestyle usually affords an active, mobile and, most importantly, a happy life. Everyone has a different level of exercise, that’s why it is not important to make it a priority.

The type of fat wasn’t specified. There are three basic types of fats: saturated, mono-unsaturated, and poly-unsaturated. In this study, women were asked only to reduce fat. They were not asked to look at the various types of fat or told that reducing saturated fats may offer more health benefits than reducing unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are only found in foods that come from animals and are the types of fats that raise your blood cholesterol level. Trans fats (also called trans-saturated fats) are man-made fats. (Vegetable oils are modified to form margarine and vegetable shortening, both of which are trans fats.) Trans fats also are added to prepackaged foods. Saturated fats raise your blood’s ‘bad’ cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein or LDL) level and lower your ‘good’ cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein or HDL) level. Mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats are present in plant foods like vegetables, nuts, and grains, as well as oils made from these nuts and grains (canola, corn, soybean). Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are poly-unsaturated. Besides vegetables, nuts, and grains, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are likewise found in coldwater fish such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Some studies have demonstrated that eating foods that have mono-or poly-unsaturated fats can help reduce your levels of ‘bad cholesterol. ‘ Mono-and polyunsaturated fats may also keep your triglyceride levels low. Triglycerides are a type of fat in your bloodstream.

None of the women in either group were asked to modify their health-related behaviors, such as exercise, smoking, or drinking. These known risk factors for breast cancer were left uncontrolled and may obscure any benefit from eating less fat.

This study is about a low fat diet; it isn’t about going from an overweight/obese state to a normal weight. Eating less fat while staying persistently fat may not help anyone! Since this study cost nearly half a billion dollars, it is not likely that another lifestyle intervention clinical trial at this large scale would be made again anytime soon, particularly in the current US economy.

Reference: Prentice RL, et al. Low-fat dietary pattern and risk of invasive breast cancer: the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial. Journal of the American Medical Association, volume 295, pages 629-42, 2006.

Herbal Supplements Online – Your Choice

More people are looking for natural solutions to treat minor medical problems. Some turn to natural herb supplements from their local health food store, while others buy them off the net. Unfortunately, in either case, it is difficult to tell if you are getting a high quality herbal supplement-or even one that’s safe. There’s very little resolution of the herbal supplement industry which means it’s important to do some research before purchasing supplemental herb products. Here are some measures to increase the odds that you are getting an herbal supplement that’s safe and effective.

With so little regulation in the herbal supplement industry, herbal supplements often come from overseas and may be performed with cheap herbal extracts that have been diluted down. Herbal supplements are certainly not right for everyone, but if you decide to use them, it’s important to buy only from businesses that have a track record of producing safe, high quality products. Be wary of new companies until they have had time to prove their worth.

Before buying from a firm that sells supplemental herbs, call and inquire about their quality assurance program-but do not stop there. Ask to obtain a copy of their specification sheet-which outlines what tests they run on each supplement-and the results. In addition to routine testing, they should also check for heavy metals and the existence of microbes such as bacteria and fungi that can contaminate herbal products. Don’t purchase from a company who’s unwilling to send out a specification sheet. This should raise a red flag.

The specification sheet for a natural herb supplement should list ‘total ash’ and ‘acid-insoluble ash’. This will give some idea of how pure an herbal supplement is. If these two values are high, the product may contain fillers such as sand, and isn’t a high quality herbal supplement.

But, What About…

If you use a great deal of herbal supplements, consider joining Consumer Labs online. This is an independent testing firm that tests supplements to make sure they contain what they are supposed to. It’s a good way to see if it’s a high quality herbal supplement before spending money on it.

Not. Even. Close. The long term consequences of most herbal supplements have almost never been tested. Many scientists have found herbal supplements that act like low level poisons, and others that-while not inherently dangerous-would do to your body the same damage as going outside and eating a branch every day. There are a lot of safe herbal supplements, but many, many more that have very little testing.

Finally, it is best to take any supplemental herb under a medical professional’s care. Natural does not always mean safe and it is important to be monitored closely for side effects with any treatment-whether it’s natural or not.

Hazel The Mighty Mayor

It is truly remarkable, then to find a mayor that has been in office as long as Mississauga’s Hazel McCallion. First elected in 1978, Hazel McCallion has held the title of Mayor of Mississauga for a continuous period stretching almost 30 years. Her most recent mandate was handed to her by Mississaugans in November of 2006, when she was easily re-elected to an eleventh term with 91 per cent of votes, at the age of 86.

As you might expect, Hazel McCallion has seen a lot change in the Mississauga area over the last thirty years, both from the standpoint of technology and population. When she was first elected, the city was large for the time, with a population of over 200, 000 people. Today, the city is one of the very largest in Canada and even North America, with more than 704, 000 people calling the area home. Factor in the challenges that result from a population growth that extreme and the accompanying pressures caused by transportation, crime, and pollution, and it becomes clear that it takes an adaptable leader to keep things running smoothly.

Hazel McCallion proved herself equal to the job of running such a diverse city back when she was first elected, before the city’s boom. In November of 1978 a Canadian Pacific train derailed in the city. The train was loaded with toxic materials. The entire city was placed under evacuation orders for health reasons. Predictably, the press, others, and city officials looked to the mayor’s office for guidance, and McCallion proved up to the task. The city amazed Canada and the world community by evacuating its entire population of 200, 000 residents for a full week, with the accident resulting in no serious injuries or loss of life.

But, What About…

McCallion’s illustrious political career is the product of a combination of several factors. Unafraid to speak her mind and get involved in any situation, she raised more than just a few eyebrows during her tenth term in office when in April, she talked a man out of committing suicide after a five hour stand off.

In addition to her frankness and her candor, McCallion has stalwartly refused to endorse either of the several Canadian political parties which run on the provinces and federal levels, in an effort to better work with whatever person is elected to office. She is likewise credited with ideas of government that were well before her time, running the city as one would a business.